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Dental Care

We recommend regular dental exams and cleaning to provide complete oral health care for your pet. Oral health increases your pet’s well-being, adds to his longevity, and makes him more pleasant to be around.

Our dentals include a pre-anesthetic exam, a complimentary pedicure, anesthesia, ultrasonic scaling of the teeth, polishing and fluoride treatment, heart monitor, recovery on a heated water blanket and continuous nurse monitoring. An antibiotic injection and unlimited pain medication are provided to keep each patient comfortable. Our patients usually stay overnight for recovery. We recommend a complimentary dental re-evalution 2 weeks after the initial procedure.  

We recommend a pre-surgical complete blood count and chemistry profile to assure safety of using the anesthesia. This is a 26 panel blood test that checks things like kidney and liver function. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is required for patients 6 years and older.

We also recommend IV fluid therapy during the dental procedure and throughout recovery. IV fluids keep our patients hydrated, allow for easy administration of medications and are very helpful should an emergency arise.

Other dental services offered before, during or after the procedure:

Oral/Dental evaluations

Oravet protective sealant

Dental radiography


Fracture repair

Educational demonstrations on teeth brushing and Oravet application and other methods to ensure healthy teeth and gums.